Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Day 7 and 8 - Friday 22nd and Saturday 23rd

Sorry folks that the blog hasn’t been updated in a few days. Things have been all go with dig and we need to catch up with all the many things that have been up to.

We have all been working on different projects. For example, I have been working on the trenches behind the trench and drawing up all the different layers of soil – which can tell us what people have been up to in the past. 

Other groups have been working on the big trenches in the middle of the church ground – there are lots of stones cropping up that look like they may be some kind of burial. We need to dig deeper and see if the grouping of the stones could mean anything. 

We also will be looking to see if the lower walled cemetery contains anything of significance and we will use geophysics equipment to do this – like you see on Time Team! 

We are also getting ready for next week’s visit from the school children – who will help us plan (draw), dig, and sieve everything in the trenches. Something to look forward to!

We decided to visit the cafe/bar Friday night to soak in the local atmosphere and relax with a cider (or 10) after a good week’s work!

This is our day off and as the boys are having a long lie in while the girls get up to made a fried breakfast! Bliss!

As the weather wasn’t so great – we couldn’t really go up hill walking like we planned. While some stayed home in front of the log fire, different groups went to visit the café for tea & cake, while others went to the Massacre Cave. 

We are welcoming a new team member (Jules) today – who was welcomes to the island via the café/bar.  Scrumpy Jack has now ‘the’ drink of the dig!

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  1. Hello, could someone on the team please contact me asap regarding sourcing some images from the dig to use in The Scotsman newspaper tomorrow please?